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Artist Statement

I have deep reverence for the natural world. Murals allow me to convey the vastness, allure and majesty of the African landscape. I paint entire rooms for private clients on a commission basis only using ancient Italian Renaissance techniques including fresco and tempera paint that I learnt at University in Florence. The viewer is invited into an immersive world surrounded by panoramic views of remote and unique African mountains, savannas, forests and grasslands.

Painting landscapes on canvas has allowed me to open my work up to a wider audience and in addition, I am able to record a greater number of undocumented African landscapes. I use translucent thin glazes of oil paint built up over several months to convey the multiple hues and richness seen in nature.

Alongside developing my mural and oil painting techniques, I began research into the famous Chinese landscape paintings in ink, which offer a more ethereal contemplative mood and atmosphere to the work with its sparse use of color and the retreat from realism. This led me back to the elegant delicacy of water based tempera paint on panel that I had studied in Italy and it also coincided with my move to a smaller town away from the frenetic bustle of city life. The subtlety and transparency of color allows me to consider more closely the experience and perception of the viewer.

By continuing my exploration into these 3 techniques and by constantly refining and experimenting with my process, I hope to convey the grandeur, the sense of space and freedom that one feels in Africa but also endeavor to capture the emotional value land has for Africans into my work.

My current practice focuses on paintings that feel more modern and contemporary as I develop new works for the international market yet still steeped in the ancient Italian and Chinese traditions of technique and subject matter as I continue my visual documentation of unrecorded African landscapes.

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